Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011


Ne dikit review list buat agan yang doyan nongkrong depan Layar Computer.
Ane dapet d bilik sebelah*_*.

Notes: Langsung klik filmnya gan ENJOY!  
Warna Biru = J-Movie (Film Jepang)
Warna Hijau = K-Movie (Film Korea)
Warna Coklat = China/HongKong/Taiwan Movie (Film China/HongKong/Taiwan/Singapore)
Warna Ungu = Thailand Movie (Film Thailand)
Warna Orange = India Movie (Film India)
Warna Pink = Malaysia Movie (Film Malaysia)
Warna Hitam = Vietnam Movie (Film Vietnam)
Warna Biru Muda = Iran Movie (Film Iran)
Warna Emas = Filipina Movie (Film Filipina)

0.. ~ J

...Ing (2003)
2 Faces of My Girlfriend
3 Idiots (2009)
3 Iron
4 Toes (2002)
4th Period Mystery (2009)
6 Years in Love
9 Souls
10 Promises to My Dog
11th Mother (2007)
13 Beloved
13 Kaidan
14 Blades
17sai Tabidachi no Futari (Seventeen)
19 ~ Nineteen
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys 2 The Last Hope (2009)
20th Century Boys 3: Redemption (2009)
47 Ronin (1994)
71 - Into the Fire (2010)
72 Tenants Of Prosperity (2010)
100 Day with Mr. Arrogant
200 Pounds of Beauty
252 Signal of Life (2008)
700 Days of Battle Us Vs The Police
2009 Lost Memories (2002)
2022 Tsunami (2009)

A Barefoot Dream 2010
A Better Tomorrow 1-3
A Better Tomorrow 2010
A Bittersweet Life
A Blue Automobile
A Bold Family (Super Family) (2005)
A Brand New Live (2009)
A Chain of Cursed Murders [2006]
A Chinese Tale Story (Qing Dian Dai Sheng) (2005)
A Dirty Carnival
A Fighter Blue
A Frozen Flower
A Good Day to Have an Affair
A Heartful of Love (2005)
A Light Sleep (2008)
A Little Thing Called Love (2010)
A Long Visit (My Mom) - 2010
A Man Called Hero
A Man Who was Superman
A Masterpiece in My Life (2000)
A Million / 10억 (2009)
A Millionaire's First Love
A Moment of Romance | A Moment of Romance (1990)
A Moment to Remember
A Stranger of Mine ~ Unmei Janai Hito
A Tale of Legendary Libido
A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies
A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
A Taxing Woman (1987)
A World Without Thieves
Abashiri Ikka : The Movie (2009)
Acacia (2003)
Accident (2009)
Acoustic 2010
Aces Go Places 1-6
Achilles and the Tortoise
Action Boys (2008)
Actresses (2009)
Ad.Lib.Night (2006)
Addicted (2002)
Adrenalin Drive (1999)
Adrif in Tokyo
AdveNture of the king
Aeja (Goodbye Mom) (2009)
Aftershocks 2010
Ahiru to Kamo no Koinrokka (The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God) (2007)
Aint No Tomorrows (2008)
Air Doll
Aisha [2010]
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009)
Aju teukbyeolhan sonnim/Ad Lib Night/아주 특별한 손님 (2006)
All About Lily Chou-Chou
All About Love
All About Love 2010
All Around Us (2008)
All for Love
All for the Winner
All's Well, Ends Well (1992-2010)
All’s Well, End’s Well (2011)
Alien Vs Ninja (2010)
Almost Love (2006)
Alone (2007)
Alone (2008)
Always Sunset on Third Street 1
Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess
An Adolescent (Shoujyo)
An Empress and The Warriors 2008
And The Spring Breeze Whispers (Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite) (2007)
And The Spring Comes
Andartu terlampau... 21 hari mencari suami (2010)
Ang Panday (2009) [F-MOVIE]
Angel (2011)
Anjaana Anjaani 2010
Antarctic Journal (2005)
Antique Bakery (2008)
Apartemen 1303
April Bride (2009)
April Snow
April Story
Aquarian Age
Ardor (2002)
Argentina Baba
Art of Fighting (2006)
Art of the Devil 1-2-3
As Tears Go By
Assembly (2007)
Ashes of Time Redux
Ashura Jo No Hitomi (2005)
Asoka (2001)
Assault Girls (2009)
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
Attack The Gasstation
Attack Of the Gas Station 2 (2010)
Au Revoir Taipei (2010)

Babe, I Love You [2010] [F-MOVIE] Philippines

Baby and Me
Baby Baby Baby (2009)
Bad Blood (2010)
Bad Couple 2010
Badmash Company (2010)
Ballad (2009)
Bandhobi (2009)
Bang Rajan
Bang Rajan 2 2010
Banga? Banga! (2010)
Bangkok Haunted
Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)
Baramui Fighter (Fighter in the Wind) (2004)
Barefoot Ki-Bong (2006)
Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000)
Battle of Wits (2006)
Battle Royale
Battle Royale 2: Requiem
Battlefield Baseball
Bayside Shakedown 2 (Odoru Daisosasen the Movie 2)
Be A Man Samurai
Be Sure to Share
Be With You
Beautiful Boxer
Beautiful Crazy (2008)
Beauty on Duty (2010)
BECK [Live Action]
Bedevilled 2010
Bedside Detective (2007)
Before the Rains (2007)
Beijing Bicycle (2001)
Best of Times (2009)
Bestseller (2010)
Bewitching Attractions (2006)
Beyond All Magic (2008)
Big Bang (2007)
Big Man Japan
Big Tits Dragon : Zombies VS Strippers [2010]
Billu (2009)
Black Belt
Black Ransom (2010)
Blades Of Blood / Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds (2010)
Bleach Bankai Show Code 001
Bleach Saien Rock Musical Drama
Blood Heat (Masuuruhiito)
Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)
Bloody Innocent 2010
Blue Sky (2006)
Blue Sky 2010
Blue Spring (Aoi Haru) (2001)
Blue Swallow (2005)
Body #19
Body Jumper
Bodyguard: A New Beginning
Bodyguard and Assassins
Boku no Hatsukoi Kimi ni Sasagu
Boku wa Imouto Koi wo Suru (My sister, My love)
Boy Goes to Heaven (2005)
Boy Meets Boy
Boys Love
Boys Love 2
Boys of Tomorrow (2006)
Boys on The Run 2010
Box 2010
Bravo My Life (2007)
Break Ke Baad (2010)
Break Out (2002)
Break Up Club (2010)
Breathless (2008)
Breathless (Ddongpari) (2009)
Broken Sun (2010)
Bruce Lee Film Collection
Bruce Lee - My Brother
Bug Me Not
Bumm Bumm Bole (2010)
Buppah Rahtree 3.2: Rahtree’s Revenge 2009
Buppah Rahtree 1 & 2
Bus Stop (2002)
Bushi no Ichibun [Love and Honor]
Bushido Sixteen (2010)
Butai Ban Fuuma no Kojiro - On Stage & Backstage
Butterfly Lovers
Buttonman (2008)

Cafe Isobe (2008)
Canary/Kanaria (2005)
Candy Rain (2008)
Cape No. 7
Casino Tycoon 1 & 2
Casshern (2004)
Cast Me If You Can (2010)
Castaway on the Moon (2009)
Catch a Wave (2006)
Cello (2005)
Chai Lai (2006)
Chain Gang Girls (Kûga no ori: Nami dai-42 zakkyobô)(2007)
Chance Pe Dance
Chandni Chowk To China (2009)
Changing Partners
Chasing My Girl (2009)
Check It Out, Yo!
Chibi Maruko-chan SP
Chinese Odyssey
Chonmage Purin (2010)
Christmas on July 24th Avenue
Chulsoo and Younghee (2005)
ChungKing Express (1994)
Cicakman 2 Planet Hitam
Cinco 2010 DVDrip [Filipino] (F-Movie)
Cinderella (2006)
City Hunter
City of Damnation
City of Father (2009)
City of Life and Death (2009)
City Under Siege 2010 CN
Claustrophobia (2008)
Close To You [2010]
Closed Note
Closer to Heaven (My Love By My Side)
Cobalt Blue
Collage of Our Life
Colorful Mind (2009)
Come Closer 2010
Coming Soon
Concrete/Konkurîto (2004)
Conduct Zero (2002)
Confessions [2010]
Conman (1998)
Connected (2008)
Contract Lover
Cool Gel Attacks (Kra Deub) [2010]
Crazy First Love
Crazy Racer (2009)
Crime of Punishment (Tsumi Toka Batsu Toka) (2009)
Crook (2010)
Crossing Hennessy (2010)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Wo Hu Cang Long)(2000)
Crows Zero
Crows Zero II
Cruel Attendance
Crush and Blush
Curry & Pepper
Curse of The Deserted 2010
Cyborg She (Boku no Kanojo wa Saibogu)
Cyrano Agency 2010

Dachimawa Lee
Dad Likes Women (2010)
Daddy Long Legs
Daisy (2006)
Dalaw 2010
Dance of The Dragon
Dance Subaru (2009)
Dance with the Wind (2004)
Dao (The Blade)
Dark Tales of Japan (2005)
Dasepo Naughty Girls
Days of Being Wild (1990)
Days With You 2009
Daytime Drinking (2009)
Dead Friend
Dead Rising 2010
Dead Run (Shissô) (2005)
Dead Waves (2005)
Deadly Outlaw: Rekka
Dear Doctor (2009)
Dear Friends
Dear Galileo
Death and Glory in changde 2010
Death Bell (2008)
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
Death Game Park
Death Note 1 & 2
Death Row Girls
Death Trance
Death Tube 2010
Densen Uta (AKB48)
Densha Otoko (Train Man The Movie) (2005)
Deserted House 2010
Desire To Kill / Enemy at the Dead End (2010)
Detective Conan The Movie
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) ft Andy Lau
Detective Story (2007)
Detroit Metal City Live Action
Devdas (2002)
Dhoom (2004)
Dhoom 2 (2006)
Die a Violent Death (Tai Hong) (2010)
Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009)
Dil Hai Tumhaara
Dil To Pagal Hai
Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji (2011)
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Disappear (2007)
Distant Thunder 2010
Ditto (Donggam) (2000)
Dive!! (2008)
Do Not Laugh at My Romance
Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do
Doctor Vampire
Dog in a Sidecar (Saido Ka ni Inu)
Doing Time (2002)
Don (2006)
Don't Tell Papa (2004)
Don Quixote 2010
Donnie Yen Film Collection
Dororo The Movie
Dragon Ball The Magic Begins Live Action 1989
Dragon in Jail | Dragon In Jail (Andy Lau)
Dragon Loaded 1 & 2
Dragon Tiger Gate
Dreams Come True (2010)
Dream Home 2010
Drift Special - Beauty Battle
Drift GTR
Drifting Flowers (2008)
Driverless 2010
Drop (Doroppu) (2009)
Drugstore Girl (2004)

Early Spring (1985)
East Wind Rain (2010)
Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)
Election 01 & 02
Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani (2005)
Elite Yankee Saburo (2009)
Empire of Silver (2009)
Encounter of the Spooky Kind 12 (1980-1990)
Enter the Phoenix (2004)
Eternal Beloved (2009)
Eternal Summer
Even If You Walk and Walk (Still Walking) (2008)
Everybody has Secrets (2004)
Evolusi KL Drift 2 (2010)
Ex (2010)
Exchange Students (1982)
Executive Koala
Eye for an Eye

Failan (2001)
Fan Chan (My Girl)(2003)
Fantme Ou es-tu (2010)
Fatal Move (2008)
Fearless / Huo Yuan Jia [2006]
Female Demon Ohyaku
Female Fatale
Festival a.k.a Foxy Festival (2010)
Fight Back to School 1,2,3
Fighting Beat
Fighting Elegy (1966)
Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)
Finding Shangri La
Fine Totally Fine
Fire of Conscience (2010)
Fireball: Muay Thai Dunk
First Love
First Strike
Fish Story
Fist of fury 1-2
Fist of Legend
Five Lucky Stars
Five Senses of Eros (2009)
Flash Point
Flirting Scholar
Flirting Scholar 2 (2010)
Flowers (2010)
Fly Daddy (2006)
Fly High aka Bisang 2009
Fly Me to Polaris
Fly Up/ Bi-Sang (2009)
Flying Boys (2004)
Flying Rabbits
Fist of Fury (1972)
Fist of Fury I & II
For Eternal Hearts (2007)
For Those We Love [2007]
Forbidden City Cop
Forbidden Siren (Sairen)
Forever and Ever (2001)
Forever the Moment
Forget Me Not 2010
Fortune King is Coming to Town (2010)
Fortune Salon (2009)
Friend (Chingoo) (2001)
Friendship (2008)
Frivolous Wife (2008)
Frog River
From Beijing with Love
Fujoshi Kanojo (2009)
Full Metal Yakuza
Full Throttle | Full Throttle
Funuke Domo, Kanashime no Ai wo Misero
Fure Fure Shojo (Fure Fure Girl)
Future Cops
Future X-Cops (2010)
Fuyu no Kaidan 冬の怪談) (2009)

Gabal (The Wig) (2005)
Gachi Boy (2008)
Galileo The Movie: Suspect X
Gallants (2010)
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (Give It All)
Gangster High
Gangster Lover [2010]
Gangster Rock (2010)
Gantz [2011]
Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou
Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou - Curse in 1000
Geisha Assasin (2008)
Gen X Cops
Genkai in a Black Company (2009)
Gensou Maden Saiyuki Dead or Alive (Musical Drama)
Gensou Maden Saiyuki Kagekiden
Ghost / Be With Me (2010)
Ghost Game (2006)
Ghost House
Ghost of Mae Nak
Ghost Train (Otoshimono)
Gidam (Epitaph)
Ginji, the Slasher
Girl (2010)
Girl x Girl
Girl Scouts (2008)
Girl Sparks (2007)
Girlfriends (2009)
Glasses (Megane)(2007)
Go Find a Psychic! / Magare! Spoon (2009)
Go Go 70
Go Go Sister/Project Makeover/Sister Coming (2006)
God of Cookery
God of Gamblers
God of Gamblers 2: Knight of Gamblers
God of Gamblers 3: Back to Shanghai
God's Puzzle
Godzilla King of the Monsters
Going by the Book
Going Crazy Waiting
Gojoe Reisenki
Gokusen: The Movie
Golden Chicken
Golden Slumber
Gong Tau
Good Morning President (2009)
Goodbye Mr. Cool
Goth (2008)
Gothic and Lolita Psycho [2010]
Goya Champuru (2006)
Grand Prix 2010
Grandma Gangsters (2010)
Gravity’s Clown / A Pierrot (2009)
GS Wonderland (2008)
GTO: The Movie
Gu Gu The Cat
Guard Point 506
Gubra (2006)
Gun and Talks
Guru (2007)
Guzaarish (2010)
Gyakko Nine

Hachiko Monogatari (1987)
Haeundae (2009)
Hahaha [2010]
Hail the Judge
Halfway (2009)
Hamyeondoinda / Just Do It ! (2000)
Hana and Alice
Hana No Ato 2010
Hanamizuki (2010)
Handphone (2009)
Hanoi Bride 하노이 신부 / Bride From Hanoi - 2005
Hanuman the White Monkey Warrior
Happily Ever After (Jigyaku no Uta) (2007)
Happiness (Hengbok)
Happy Ero Christmas
Happy Flight (2008)
Happy Ghost 1-5 (1984-1991)
Happy Killers 2010
Happy Life
Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (2000)
Hard Revenge Milly 2 Bloody Battle (2009)
Harmful Insect (Gaichu)
Harmony (2010)
Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea 2010
Haruka Naru Yokusoku
Hatsukoi - First Love (2000)
Haunted Changi 2010
Haunted Samurai
Haunted Universities
He was Cool
Headless Hero 1 & 2
Hear Me
Heart is...
Heart is… 2 (2010)
Heartbeat 2011
Heartbreak Library
Heat Island (2008)
Heaven's Bookstore
Heaven's Door (2009)
Heavenly Forest
Heavenly Mission (2006)
Hello Brother (2004)
Hello Ghost (2010)
Hello My Love (2009)
Hello Schoolgirl
Hello Stranger (2010)
Help (2010)
Here Comes Fortune (2010)
Hero The Movie
Hero Ying Xiong (2002)
Hi, Dharma! (2001)
Hi, Dharma 2: Showdown In Seoul (2004)
Hidden Fortress : The Last Princess (2008)
Higanjima (2009)
High Kick Girl (2009)
High School Musical China 2010
High Voltage (1995)
Highway Star
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - Live Action
Himalaya Singh
Hiroshima Full Story
His Last Gift a.k.a Last Present - 마지막 선물 [2008]
Hisss 2010
Hitsuji no uta / The Lament of Lamb (2002)
Holy Daddy (2006)
Homeless Chugakusei
Hometown of Legend
Honesty (2003)
Honey and Clover 2006
Honokaa Boy (2009)
Hostel (2011)
Hot Summer Days (2010)
Hotaru no Haka (Grave of Fireflies) 2005
Hotaru no Haka (Grave of Fireflies) 2008
Hotaru no Hoshi
Hotel Hibiscus
House Full (2010)
House of Flying Daggers
How to Become Myself (Ashita no Watashi no Tsukurikata)(2007)
How To Date An Otaku Girl (2010)
Huang Jia Ci Qing (2009)
Hula Girls
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999)
Hum Tum Aur Ghost (2010)
Hwang Jin Yi

I am GHOST (2009)
I Am Happy 2009
I am an S+M Writer (2000)
I Corrupt All Cops (2009)
I Hate Luv Storys 2010
I Love Hong Kong (2011)
I Not Stupid
I Not Stupid Too
I Saw the Devil / Akmareul boatda (2010)
I'm a Cyborg, but it's OK - Saibogujiman Kwenchana (2006)
Ice Kacang Puppy Love 2010
Ichi The Killer
Ichigensan Starring Honami Suzuki (Rika Akana in Tokyo Love Story
Ichikawa Kon Monogatari
Idiot Box (2010)
Ido [2005]
If the Sun Rises in the West (1998)
If You are the One
If You Are The One 2
If You Were Me 4
Il Mare (2000)
Imprint (2006)
In Case of Love (2010)
In Love with the Dead
In the Mood for Love
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs Trilogy
Initial D
Innocent Steps
Insadong Scandal (2009)
Instant Numa
Into the Faraway Sky (2007)
Into the Mirror (2003)
Inugami - The Dog god Spirit
Invisible Killer (2009)
Invitation Only (Forbidden Party) (2009)
Ip Man
Ip Man 2
Ip Man: The Legend is Born (2010)
Iris The Movie 2010
Iron Ladies 2
Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey 2
Isi Life Mein
Island Etude
It Had to Be You (2005)
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
Its A Wonderful Afterlife (2010)

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (2008)
Jab We Met (2007)
Jade Soturi (Jade Warrior) (2006)
Jakarta (2000)
Jam Films 2
Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak
Jangan Tegur
Japanese Horror Anthology
Jenny Juno
Jeon Woo Chi : The Taoist Wizard (2010)
Jet Lee Film Collection
Jeet Kune Do
Jiang Hu (2004)
Joint Security Area (2000)
Joomoonjin (2010)
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (2003)
Ju-On: Kuroi Shojo (2009)
Ju On: The Grudge
Ju-On: The Series
Juliets (2010)
Jump (2009)
Just Anoter Pandora's Box (2010)
Just Call Me Nobody (2010)
Just Friend [2009]
Justice, My Foot!

K ~R


K-20 Legend of the Mask (2009)
Kabe Otoko
Kabei (Our Mother)
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye) (2006)
Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham
Kagen no Tsuki
Kaiji : The Ultimate Gambler (2009)
Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)
Kambakkth Ishq (2009)
Kamikaze Girl
Kamogawa Horumo:Battle League in Kyoto
Kamome Diner
Kamui Gaiden (2009)
Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)
Kazura 2010
Kecoh Betul (2010)
Keitai Kareshi 2009
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (2004)
Khatta Meetha 2010
Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey (2011)
Khuda Kay Liye (In The Name Of God)
Khuda Kasam
Khurafat [2011]
Kick the Moon
Kidnapper 2010
Kikujirô no Natsu
Kill Zone
Killer Virgin Road (2009)
Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (Calling You) (2007)
Kimi ni Todoke (2010)
Kimi no Yubisaki
King of Beggars
King of Comedy
Kingfisher (2010)
Kiss Me, Kill Me (2009)
Kites (2010)
KJ: Music and Life [2009]
Knock Out 2010
Koi... Mil Gaya
Koinu dan no Monogatari
Koisuru Madori
Koisuru Nichiyoubi - Watashi Koishita (Last Words)
Koshonin the movie 2010
Kowai Onna (Unholy Woman)
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Kudo Shinichi Returns Showdown with The Black Organization
Kudo Shinichi's Written Challenge
Kung Fu Chefs (2009)
Kung Fu Cult Master (1993)
Kung Fu Dunk
Kung Fu Fighter
Kung Fu Hip Hop
Kung Fu Hiphop 2 (2010)
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Kun (2008)
Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel
Kung Fu Master 2010
Kung fu tootsie
Kung Fu Wing Chun 2010
Kurbaan (2009)
Kurosagi The Movie
Kyuka (Vacation)

L Change The World
La Belle (2000)
La Lingerie
La Maison de Himiko
Lady Cop & Papa Crook
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (2007)
Lafangey Parindey (2010)
Lagaan (2001)
Lage Raho Munna Bhai
Lagenda budak Setan (2010)
Lahore (2010)
Lalapipo (2009)
Lamhe (1991)
Last Life in the Universe (2003)
Last Operations Under the Orion (2009)
Last Present
Last Train Home (2009)
Lawyer Lawyer
Le Grand Chef
Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle
Lee Dae-Ro Can't Die (2005)
Lee Rock I
Lee Rock II
Legend of The fist: the return of chen zhen 2010
Legend of The Swordsman 2010
Legendary Assassin
Let The Bullets (2010)
Liar (2004)
Liar Game The Final Stage [2010]
Life: Tears in Heaven
Life of Never End Co. Ltd (2009)
Lifting King Kong (2009)
Like A Dream 2009
Like a Virgin (2006)
Like Grains of Sand (1995)
Like You Know It All (2009)
Linda Linda Linda
Listen to My Heart
Little Big Soldier (2010)
Little DJ: Chiisana Koi no Monogatari
Little Prince
Little Red Flowers
Little Terrorist
Loner (Woetoli) (2008)
Look for a Star | Look for a Star (2009)
Looking for Jackie (2009)
Lost in Beijing (2007)
Lost in Love (2006)
Lost Indulgence
Lost on Journey (2010)
L-o-v-e (2009)
Love Aaj Kal
Love Announcement or Love in Disguise 2010
Love Cuts (2010)
Love Exposure (2008)
Love Fight (2008)
Love Impossible/Pyaar Impossible (2010)
Love, in Between (2010)
Love in Magic
Love is a Many Stupid Things
Love Letter
Love Me Not (2006)
Love My Live
Love on a Diet
Love on Delivery
Love on Sunday - Last Words (2007)
Love Phobia
Love So Divine
Love Tactis 2010
Love You 1000 Years (2010)
Loveholic 2010
Lovely Complex
Lover's Concerto
Lovers Vanished (2010)
Lu Pikirlah Sendiri 2010
Lust Caution 2007

M.W (2009)
Mad Detective
Mad Monk
Madeleine (2002)
Magang Hotel
Magic /Yosul [2010]
Magic Kitchen
Maiko Haaaan
Main Aur Mrs Khanna (2009)
Main Hoon Na (2004)
Make It Big
Mandate (2008)
Mantra (2010)
Man of Vendetta 2010
Man Hunting 2010
Mapodo, Island of Fortune (2004)
Mapodo 2, back to the island (2007)
Marathon (Running Boy)
Marine Boy
Marriage with a Fool (2006)
Marrying High School Girl (2004)
Marrying the Mafia 1-2
Matataki (2010)
Maundy Thursday (Our Happy Time)
May 18 (2007)
Maybe / Rabbit and Lizzard (2009)
Meat Grinder (2009)
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (2010)
Memorias de China (2004)
Memories of Matsuko (2006)
Memories of Murder (2003)
Men in Suddenly Black 1-2
Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (2009)
Miao Miao (2008)
Midnight Eagle (2007)
Midnight FM 2010
Milenge Milenge 2010
Milky Way Liberation Front (2007)
MiniMoni The Movie
Minnâ-yatteruka! (Getting Any?)
Miracle on 1st Street
Miracle of Giving Fool
Miss Gold Digger
Missing (2009)
Mission Possible : Kidnapping Granny K (2007)
Mission Sex Control (2006)
Modern Boy (2008)
Mokpo, Gangster's Paradise (2004)
Momok the movie (2009)
Money Not Enough 2 (2008)
Monga (2010)
Monopoly (2006)
Monster X Strikes Back: Attack at the G8 Summit
Moon Child
More Than Blue (2009)
Morning Musume: Shinshun! Love Stories
Moss 2010
Mother (2008)
Mother Love Me Once Again (Mama Hao)
Movie is Movie
Mr & Mrs incredible
Mr. Handy (2004)
Mr. Socrates (2005)
Mr. Tadano's Secret Mission: From Japan With Love
Mr. Vampire Collection
Mr. Viagra
Mr. Wacky
Mujhse Dosti Karoge
Munnabhai M.B.B.S
Murudeka 17805 (2001)
MUSA, The Warrior
Mushishi - The Bugmaster
Mutant Girls Squad
My Black Mini Dress (2011)
My Belle Boss 2010
My Boss My Hero 1
My Boss My Hero 2 - My Boss My Student
My Boss My Hero 3 - The Boss The Salesman
My Boyfriend is Type B
My Darling FBI
My Darling Is a Foreigner (2010)
My Dear Desperado (2010)
My Dear Enemy (2008)
My DNA Says I Love You (2007)
My Ex Wifes Wedding 2010
My Father
My Favorite Girl (2006)
My Girl and I
My Girls Boy (2007)
My Girlfriend is an Agent
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
My Little Bride
My Love (2007)
My Mighty Princess
My Name is Khan (2010)
My New Partner
My Own Swordsman 2011
My Rainy Days (2009)
My Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl 2 (2010)
My Scary Girl
My So Called Love
My Stunts (1999)
My Tutor Friend
My Tutor Friend 2
My Wife Got Married (2008)
My Wife is a Gambling Maestro (2008)
My Wife is 18
My Wife is A Gangster 1,2,3

Nada Sou Sou
Nagai Sanpo (A Long Walk)(2006)
Naked Weapon
Namastey London
Nana 2
Nanako to Nanao
Nang Nak (1999)
Natalie 2010
Natural City
Needing You
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
Neko Ramen Taisho (2008)
New Police Story
Neighbour No. 13 (2005)
Ngangkung (2010)
Nice Shorts (2010)
Nightmare (2000)
Nightmare Detective
Nin X Nin ~Ninja Hattori The Movie
Ninja Girl - assassin of darkness
Nintama Rantarou [Live Action - Musical Stage] (2010)
Niyang Rapik (2010)
No One Killed Jessica
No Kidding (2010)
No Matter What (2009)
No Mercy (2010)
No Mercy for the Rude
No More Cry
No One Knows About Persian Cats: The Theran Underground
No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (2009)
No Regret
Nobody Knows
Nobody to Watch Over Me
Nobody's Perfect
Nonchan Noriben (2009)
Nodame Cantabile the Movie I
Nodame Cantabile : The Final Score II Movie
Noriko's Dinner Table
Noroi the Curse
Norwegian Wood
Norwegian Wood (2010)
Not One Less (Yi ge dou bu neng shao)
Now and Forever (2006)
Nuan Chun - Warm Spring (2003)

Oasis (2002)
Ocean Heaven (2010)
Off Road
Oh! Happy Day (2003)
Oh My God
Oh My God 2
Oishii Man (2009)
Okan no Yomeiri (2010)
Okuribito (Departures)
Old Boy
Old Cow Vs Tender Grass 2010
On His Majesty Secret Service (2009)
On Next Sunday 2010
Once A Gangster 2010
Once in a Summer (2006)
Once Upon a Time (2008)
Once Upon a Time in China 1-6
Once Upon a Time in High School (2004)
One 2 Ka 4 2001
One Day 2010
One Litre of Tears The Movie (2005)
One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman
One Missed Call 1 & 2
One Missed Call Final
One Night in Supermarket (2009)
One Night Stand 2010
Oneechanbara The Movie
Oneechanbara the Vortex Movie (2009)
Ong Bak 1: Muay Thai Warrior
Ong Bak 2
Ong Bak 3
Om Shanti Om 2007
Oppai Volleyball
Open City
Orochi - Blood (2008)
Oto na Ri
Otoko Tachi no Yamato
Our School E.T
Our Town
Outrage 2010
Overheard (2009)

P (Possessed)
Paa (2009)
Paco and the Magical Picture Book
Painted Fire (Chihwaseon) [Korean] 2002
Painted Skin
Paju (2009)
Panda Express (2009)
Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? / Da Cuo Che
Papadom (2009)
Para Para Sakura
Parade (2010)
Parallel Life (2010)
Parasite Eve
Partition 2010
Payback (2011)
Peppermint Candy (2000)
Perfect Bride
Perfect Wedding 2010
Philosophy of a Knife (2008)
Phobia 2
Phua Chu Kang The Movie (2010)
Pika★nchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy (2002)
Pika★★nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy (2004)
Ping Pong
Plastic City (2008)
Platonic Sex (2001)
Playboy Cops
Please Teach Me English
Poetry [2010]
Poker King (2009)
Police Story
Portrait of a Beauty (2008)
Postman (2008)
Postman Blues
Postman To Heaven [2009]
Power Kids (2009)
Prem Ka Game (2010)
Petty Romance (2010)
Pride (2009)
Prince (2010)
Prince of Tennis
Prison on Fire 1-2
Private Eye (2009)
Project A 1-2
Pssst ... T2 Tenement 2 (2009)
Psychic 2010
Punch Lady
Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004)

Quiz King (2005)

Raajneeti [2010]
Raavan (2010)
Raaz: The Mystery Continues (2009)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Radio Days (2008)
Raging Phoenix (2009)
Rambling Hearts (2010)
Rain Fall [2009]
Rainbow Eyes 2007
Rainbow Song
Rahtree Reborn (2009)
Rak Haeng Siam (The Love of Siam)(2007)
Ramaa The Saviour (2010)
Rann (2010)
Rang De Basanti
Raw Summer
Rebellion (2009)
Red Alert (2010)
Red Angel 1966[Akai Tenshi]
Red Cliff (2008)
Red Cliff 2
Red River
Red to Kill (1994)
Reign of Assassins 2010
Reincarnation / Rinne (2005)
Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida
Republic of Korea 2010
Reversal of Fortune
Ride Away
Right Ya Wrong (2010)
Righteous Ties (2007)
Ringu 2
Rinco's Restaurant (2010)
Rinko Eighteen
Ritual (2000)
River of First Love (2004)
Rob B Hood
RoboGeisha (2009)
Robocon (Robot Contest)
Robot 2010
Rockers (2003)
Rocket Singh (2009)
Rolling Home with a Bull 2010
Romance Of Darkness
Romantic Assassin
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Island (2008)
Rookies the Movie Graduation (2009)
Roots and Branches
Rough Cut (2008)
Route 225 [2006]
Royal Tramp I & II
Rules of Dating [2005]
Rumble in the Bronx
Runaway from Home (2010)
Running on Karma
Running Out of Time
Running Turtle (2009)
Rush Hour 1 - 3
Ryu ga Gotoku: Gekijo-ban

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S ~ Z


S Diary
Sa-kwa (2008)
Sacrifice [2010]
Sad Movie
Sad Vacation (2007)
Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (1981)
Sakigake!! Cromartie High School
Sampek Engtay
Samurai Princess (2009)
Samurai Seven (Shichinin no Samurai)
Sankaku 2010
Sanpei The Fisher Boy
Santamaria (Jal-mot-doin Nan-nam) (2008)
Saru Lock (2010)
Save The Green Planet!
Say Yes
Scared (2005)
Scary True Stories: Ten Haunting Tales from the Japanese Underground
School Day of the Dead (Shisha no gakuensai) (2000)
Scout (2007)
Sea Cat (Umineko) 2004
Sea Without Exit
Searching for the elephant (2009)
Season of Good Rain (2009)
Secret Love (2010)
Secret / Saving My Wife (2009)
Secret Sunday (2010)
Secret Sunshine (2007)
Seducing Mr. Perfect
Seduction of Eve Angel, Good Wife, Her Own Technique, Kiss
See You After School
Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
Semerah Cinta Stilleto (2010)
Sensitive Couple
Seoul (2010)
Seven 2 One
Seven Arhat (2010)
Seven Days
Seven Swords
Sex is Zero
Sex is Zero 2
Sexy Teacher
Sha Po Lang
Shaberedomo Shaberedomo
Shadowless Sword
Shall We Dansu? (1996)
Shanghai Dreams (2005)
Shanghai Grand
Shaolin (2011)
Shaolin Girl
Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Grandma (2008)
Shaolin Popey
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead The Ultimate Power (2006)
Shaw Brothers Movie Collection
She's on Duty
Shi Xiong Di (Ten Brothers) [1995]
Shiko Funjatta (Sumo Do Sumo Don't)
Shimane no Bengoshi
Shinjuku Incident
Shinkokyuu no Hitsuyou
Shinku - The Deep Red
Shiri (1999)
Shonen Jidai (Childhood Days)
Short Of Love (矮仔多情) [Hong Kong] - 2009
Shrill Cries of Summer
Shrill Cries of Summer - Reshuffle
Shyness Machine Girl
Sick Nurses
Silmido (2003)
Singh is Kinng (2008)
Singles (2003)
Sini Ada Hantu (2011)
Sinking of Japan (Nihon Chinbotsu)
Sisily 2km (To Catch a Virgin Ghost)
Six Strong Guys (2004)
Sixty Million Dollar Man
Siyama Village of Warriors
Skeletons in the Closet
Slice (2010)
Slit-Mouthed Woman
Slumdog Millionaire
Smile: Seiya no Kiseki
Smile Babo (2008)
Snow Prince (2009)
So Close (2002)
Soch Lo
Som Tum
Someone Behind You
Someone Special
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
Sono toki wa kare ni yoroshiku ( Say hello for me )
Sophie's Revenge (2009)
Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai (I Just Didn't Do It)
Sorry Saranghaeyo (2010)
Soul's Code
Speed Master
Speedy Scandal
Spider Lilies
Spin Kick (Dolyeochagi) (2004)
Spring Bear Love (Do You Like Spring Bear?) (2003)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring
Spy Girl
Ssunday Seoul
Step By Step
Stop the Bitch Campaign Hell Version [2004]
Storm Warrior (2009)
Strange Circus (Kimyô na sâkasu)(2005)
Strawberry Shortcakes
Sugar and Spice (2006)
Suicide Club
Sukeban Deka: Code Name = Asamiya Saki
Sukeban Hunters (2010)
Sukida (2006)
Sumimasen Love
Summer Holiday (2000)
Summer Time (2009)
Summer Time Machine Blues
Summer Whisper
Sunadokei - Sand Chronicle
Sun Scarred (2006)
Sunflower (2006)
Super Cub (2008)
Superstar aka Superhap
Survive Style 5+
Swallowtail Butterfly (1996)
Sweet Heart 2010
Sweet Lies (2008)
Sweet Rain
Swing Girls
Sword in the Moon (2003)
Sword of Alexander
Symbol (Shinboru) 2010
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (2002)
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)

Taare zameen par (like stars on earth)
Tachigui : Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters
Tacticall Unit - Comrades in Arms
Tactical Unit - Human Nature
Tactical Unit - No Way Out
Taipei Exchanges (2010)
Taiyou no Uta ~The Movie~
Take Care of My Cat (2001)
Take Off (2009)
Takiye a.k.a In the Name of God (2010)
Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Volume 1 (2004)
Tales of Terror from Tokyo Volume 2 (2004)
Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Volume 3 part 1 (2006)
Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Volume 3 part 2 (2006)
Tales of Terror : The Haunted Apartment (2005)
Tamami: The Baby's Curse (Akanbo Shojo)
Tanu Weds Manu (2011)
Tazza: The High Rollers (The War of Flower) (2006)
Tea Movie
Tees Maar Khan (2010)
Teketeke (2009)
Temptation of Wolves (2004)
Ten Nights of Dream
Tenkousei: Sayonara Anata
Tennen Kokekko (2007)
Tenshi (2006)
Tenshi no Tamago
Tere bin Laden (2010)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan
The Akihabara Trilogy: Cat Girl Kiki
The Akihabara Trilogy: Pretty Maid Café
The Akihabara Trilogy: Legend of the Doll
The Art of Seduction
The Backdancers! (2006)
The Beast and the Beauty
The Beast Stalker (Ching Yan) [ 2008 ]
The Beauty Model 2010
The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004)
The Blessing Bell (2002)
The Blue Bird (Aoi Tori) (2008)
The Blue Wolf : To The Ends of the Earth & Sea
The Boy From Ipanema (2010)
The Butcher (2007)
The Cadaver
The Case of Itaewon Homicide (2009)
The Charming Girl
The Chaser
The Chasing World
The Cheaters
The Childs Eye 2010
The Children of Huang Shi
The Classic
The Clone Returns Home
The Coffin
The Conmen in Vegas
The Conqueror's Story (2004)
The Curse of the Golden Flower
The Customer is Always Right
The Descendants of Hong Gil-Dong (2009)
The Detective
The Devine Weapon
The Doll Master
The Duel
The Equation of Love and Death
The Executioner/집행자 (2009)
The Eye
The Fair Love 2009
The Fallen Angel (Ningen Shikkaku) [2010] [based on the novel by Osamu Dazai]
The Fantastic Water Babes 2010
The Film Emotional Atyachar (2010)
The First 7st Night (2009)
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Founding of a Republic (2009)
The Fourth Portrait (2010)
The Fox Family (2006)
The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers
The Glorious Team Batista
The Good The Bad The Weird
The Grudge - Old Lady in White (2009)
The Handsome Suit
The Happiness of The Katakuris
The Haunted Drum
The Haunted House Project (2010)
The Haunted School
The Heirloom (2005)
The Hero Show 2010
The Heroic Trio
The Hidden Blade (2006)
The Host
The Housemaid (2010)
The Intimate Lovers (2005)
The Intruder (2010)
The Iron Ladies
The Island 2010
The Jade And The Pearl 2010
The Japanese Wife (2010)
The King and the Clown (2005)
The Last Emperor (1987)
The Last Princess
The Leap Years (2008)
The Legend of a Portrait
The Legend of Seven Cutter
The Legend of Speed (1999)
The Legend of Suriyothai (2001)
The Little Comedian 2010
The Locker
The Locker 2
The Longest Night in Shanghai
The Lucky Guy
The Machine Girl
The Magic Hour
The Maid (2005)
The Mamiya Brothers
The Man From Nowhere 2010
The Medallion (2003)
The Message (2009)
The Moonlight of Seoul (2008)
The Most Beautiful Night in the World (2008)
The Myth
The Naked Kitchen
The Night Time Picnic (2006)
The Outlaw (2010)
The Perfect Couple
The Perfect Match (2010)
The President's Barber (2004)
The Princess Blade (Shura Yukihime)
The Professor's Beloved Equation
The Promise
The Quiet Family
The Quiz Show Scandal (2010)
The Ravaged House: Zoroku's Disease
The Rebel
The Rebirth
The Recipe 2010
The Relation of Face, Mind and Love (2009)
The Restless
The Returner
The Road Less Traveled (2010)
The Robber (2009)
The Romancing Star 1-3
The Romantic President
The Sanctuary
The Scam (2009)
The Screen at Kamchanod [2007]
The Secret Letter (2004)
The Secret of the Magic Gourd
The Secret Reunion (2010)
The Seaside Motel (2010)
The Seventh Curse (1986)
The Shadow of Naka (2010)
The Shock Labyrinth (2009)
The Shonen Merikensack (2009)
The Shopaholics
The Silver Season (2008)
The Sisters
The Spiritual World
The Stool Pigeon 2010
The Storm Riders 2
The Sword with No Name (2009)
The Taste of Tea (2004)
The Treasure Hunter (2009)
The Tricky Master
The Trip 2010
The Triumphant Return Of General Rouge (2009)
The Twilight Samurai (2002)
The Twins (Myeongsoo) of Reversion
The Unbelievable (2009)
The Underdog Knight
The Uninvited (4 Inyong Shiktak) (2003)
The Unjust 2010
The Unseeable
The Vanquisher [2009]
The Vampire Who Admires Me
The Victim
The Warlords
The Warrior and the Wolf (Long Zai Ji) (2009)
The Way Home (Jibeuro)
The Way We Are [2008]
The Wedding Game
The White Dragon (2004)
The Witch of the West is Dead
The Worst Guy Ever
The X-Wife 2010
The Yakuza Papers vol 1- vol 5
The Yin-Yang Master 2 (Onmyoji 2) (2003)
Thriller Restaurant 2010
Thirst (Bakjwi) (2009)
Three Fellas (Bar Legend, Riverbank Legends)
Three Kims
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of The Dragon
Tian An Men (2009)
Tian Tang Kou (Blood Brothers 2007)
Time Tripper (2006)
Timeless Romance - Tony Leung (1998)
Toilet no Kamisama
Toki o Kakeru Shoujo
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo [2010] (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time )
Tokyo Friends The Movie
Tokyo Girl
Tokyo Gore Police
Tokyo Marigold
Tokyo Shounen/Tokyo Boy
Tokyo Sonata (2009)
Tokyo Sora
Tokyo Tower (2005)
Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad (2007)
Tom Yum Goong (Muaythai martial art)
Tomie Series (1999-2005)
Toonpur Ka Superhero
Tony Takitani
Too Beautiful to Lie
Topless (2008)
Traces of Love (2006)
Tracing Shadow (2009)
Train Of The Dead 2007
Trick the Movie 3 |2010
Triple Tap 2010
Trivial Matters [2007]
Troubleshooter (2010)
True Mob Story (1998)
True Legend (2010)
True Women For Sale
Turn Left, Turn Right
Turning 30 (2011)
Turning Point (2009)
Turtle Swim Faster Than Expected
Twinkle (1992)
Twins Effect
Two Guys

U Me Aur Hum
Udaan (2010)
Ultra Miracle Love Story (2009)
Undercover (Wei Xian Ren Wu)
Underground Rendez-vous (2007)
Unfair The Movie (2007)
United Six (2011)
Unstoppable Mariage
Until the Lights Come Back
Untold Story

V3- Samseng Jalanan(2010)
Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (2011)
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl
Vampire Warriors 2010
Veer (2010)
Veer-Zaara (2004)
Venus and Mars
Video Clip
ViewFinder 2009 DVDRip
Villa Estrella (2009)
Villian and Widow 2010
Villon's Wife (2009)
Virgin Snow
Visitors from the Sui Dinasty (2009)
Voice of a Murder (2007)
Volcano High
Vow of Death

Wait Till You're Older
Waiting in the Dark
Wake Up Sid (2009)
Wandering Ginza Butterfly (1971)
Wangan Midnight Live Act Movie (2009)
Wanted (2009)
Warau Michael (2006)
Water Boys
Way of Blue Sky
We Are Family [2010]
Wedding Dress (2009)
Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)
Welcome to Quiet Room
Wet Dreams 1
Wet Dreams 2
What Women Want (2011)
Wheat (2009)
When I Turned Nine
When Romance Meets Destiny (2005)
When The Last Sword Is Drawn
Where Got Ghost? (2009)
Where is Jung Seung-Phil (2009)
While You Were Sleeping / What Happened Last Night
Whispering Corridors 1: Yoego Goedam (1998)
Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori (1999)
Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs (2003)
Whispering Corridors 4: Voice Letter (2005)
Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge (2009)
White Night (2009)
White Valentine (1999)
Whiteout (2000)
Who am I
Who's Got the Tape (2004)
Wushu Warrior
Why Did You Come to My House
Wind And Cloud : The Storm Riders
Wind Blast 2010
Winds Of September (2008)
Womb Ghost (Ngok Toi)
Wonang Sori a.k.a Old Partner (2008)
Written (2007)
Written By (2009)

X-Cross (2007)
Xi You Ji (2010) CN

Yamagata Scream
Yamla Pagla Deewana (2011)
Yi boh lai beng / Ebola Syndrome (1996)
Yi Yi (2000)
Yoga Class (2009)
Yomigaeri (2003)
Yoroi : The Samurai Zombie (2009)
Yoshino's Barber Shop
You and Me
You Deserve To Be Single [2010]
Young and Dangerous I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and the Prequel
Yuriko no aroma (2010)
Yuunagi no Machi, Sakura no Kuni

Zatoichi - The Blind Swordsman
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo
Zatoichi: The Last 2010
Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City (2010)
Zero Focus (2009)
Zoom Hunting (2010)

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